Library Trips and Picks #5

The Thomas B. Norton Public Library in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama.

We traveled to Gulf Shores, Alabama over Presidents’ Day weekend.  It may be mid-winter on the calendar, but it’s springtime in this coastal town.  I gladly left piles of laundry and paperwork for three days of bird watching, beach walks, boiled shrimp, and books.  I even visited the local library!

This is the most attractive library card I’ve ever gotten.

Libraries are my thing, so this comes as no surprise.  But even non-reading vacationers would benefit from visiting the Thomas B. Norton Public Library in Gulf Shores.  For starters, they issue library cards free to anyone with a picture ID and valid mailing address.  What a great idea for a vacation town with visitors from all over!

Next, they offer many non-book materials including movies, books on tape, even jigsaw puzzles!  They also have a great selection of used books for sale.  I knew I couldn’t finish and return a book during our short stay, so I simply bought two used best sellers.

It’s no secret that public libraries are struggling in this digital age.  Many are reinventing themselves as gathering places for the arts and other community events just to remain relevant.  I hope they make it in the years to come. But as far as this library in Gulf Shores goes, I don’t see it disappearing.  Old and young alike bustle inside its welcoming walls.  I know I’ll be coming back the next time we are down that way.

BONUS BIT:  Here are a few pictures from this library trip.