About Me

Lucy at Library Luggage

Hello.  I’m Lucy.  I grew up in a large family in a rambling, old house in coastal Florida.  All the rooms were huge and almost all had a bookcase or two.  Heck, even the wide hallways had bookcases.

So, naturally I read.  I have a degree in English and have had careers in teaching, journalism and public relations.  Now I work in a school library. I feel I’m home again.

I live in the beautiful state of Alabama with my husband and children.

Why This Blog?

I love stories, writing, and celebrating all books, not just bestsellers.

My book philosophy…

Certain literature draws me in like a moth to a flame.  Mysteries, the classics, fairy tales, true crime/horror are a few.  But I’m up for anything, including non-fiction and biography, if the story is good.

Formulaic tales with attractive protagonists and contemporary, snarky dialogue bore me.  Just give me a few plot twists, quirky details, and likable but flawed characters, and I’m in.

Further book philosophy…

I read a lot, but I retain little.  Some books are like 30-minute sit-coms, fun but forgettable.  And that’s good. Other books linger in my mind.  My own life has been filled with blessings galore but also some sadness.  I treasure books that celebrate mankind’s goodness during everyday challenges or the worst of circumstances.