Please Do Judge This Book By the Cover

A red and white blanket spread out on a green field.  A perfectly frosted cake resting on top.  A hot air balloon flying wildly off the ground.  The front of Lisa Graff’s novel, A Tangle of Knots, features all these images.  I simply had to open this beautifully wrapped story.

Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff, 2013
Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff, 2013

Post format: TOP FIVE REASONS… I Love This Book

  1. The intriguing title and enchanting cover art: Turns out you can judge a book by its cover, at least in this case. This novel, published  in 2013, is like so much of the kid literature coming out these days, crisp prose and one-of-kind ideas.
  2. Very original premise: It’s set in a world where everyone is born with one amazing talent. Oh, and they have to find it.  Still not original enough?  Well, these are no ordinary talents. One character’s talent is speed knitting, another’s is whistling, and still another can float two inches off the ground, perpetually.
  3. Favorite, no-fail book settings: Part of the story takes place in an orphanage. Miss Mallory runs a “home for lost girls” though it’s usually empty. Why? Her talent is matching orphans with the perfect family often within hours of the child’s arrival. Other action takes place in a lost luggage emporium.  Top that for interesting story locales!
  4. Endearing main character: Cady is an orphan with perhaps the most unique gift featured in the book — baking cakes.  But she’s more than just a talented baker.  Upon meeting anyone, Cady can sense the perfect cake for them and then whip one up.
  5. Endearing side characters: The book includes a host of seemingly unrelated characters. But like Dickens, author Graff connects everyone in the end and offers readers a very satisfying finale.
  6. Bonus Bit: Actual cake recipes between chapters! :  The recipes are Cady’s and are named after the people she meets.  I plan on making “Miss Mallory’s Peach Cake.” Graff even has a how-to video for the cake on her website

Question:  Do you or someone you know have an interesting talent?

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